Заявка (Application)


For participation in the “Kamerata” Festival – Contest


1. Full name of the theatre, its founder, form of organization.
2. Playwright.
3. Title of the performance.
4. Genre.
5. Producer.
6. Artist.
7. Date of the first night.
8. Participation in festivals, contests, competitions; prizes.
9. Total number of theatre members coming to the Festival
    a) Number of actors among them
    b) List of delegation members with passport data (indicate each member’s post)
10. Duration of the performance. Number of acts, duration of each act.
11. Main technical characteristics of the performance.
12. Time necessary to set up scenery and lights and dismantling time.
13. Number of spectators; form of performance (small or large); location of audience (auditorium, large or small stage).
14. Address of the theatre.
15. A person for contact: telephone number, fax, email.
16. Other conditions.
17. Full names and telephone numbers of the Director, Artistic Director, Manager of the Company, Manager of Literary Part, Stage Manager.






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454091, Россия, г. Челябинск, ул. Цвиллинга, 15
  Челябинский государственный драматический
"Камерный театр"

Касса театра: 8 (351) 263-30-35
Приёмная театра: 8 (351) 265-23-97
Начало вечерних спектаклей в 18.00

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